Friday, July 29, 2011

You Can Hoop it with a Fox, You Can Hoop it in a Box!

Bet I was the first Hooper EVER in that neck of the woods!
Hooping here, hooping there, you can hoop most anywhere! I do! I bring my travel hoop along and hoop my buns off in the most lovely, yet unlikely places. The beaches of Kihei, the Grand Mayan in Mexico, and now I can add Sage Creek in the Pryor Mountains in Southeastern Montana. On a small bridge over tiny, recently flooded Sage Creek, I hooped amid swarming bugs and the sweet smell of sage. The clean mountain air added yet another dimension to a sport/activity/hobby/bliss that I believe you can enjoy anywhere in your life, your whole life long. Want to buy a great travel hoop? Well, since Island HoopFit only makes whole hoops, you'll have to buy your collapsible hoop from Gaiam. And if you're ready for your own home hoop so you can get down on a train or in the rain, well, email me. We'll get you whirling in a custom-made Island HoopFit hoop!

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