Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HOOPERS! You and your hoop get in half-price at Bainbridge Bluegrass Festival!!

Seattle-area/Kitsap Hoopers!

The upcoming Bainbridge Bluegrass Festival on July 28 is an all-day music festival with over 35 food, craft and info booths, a beer garden, buskers and entertainers, dancers and hoopers! Island HoopFit will be there with a hoop rental booth, but if you bring your hoop, you get half-off your admission! Who doesn't want to dance all day in the sunshine with just you and your hoop! 

Check it out here, here and here:

See you there!!!!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wellness Tweets and Treats!

You can follow Island HoopFit and Restore Your Core now on Twitter! My handle? MoveBetterNow

Follow my sweet tweets for regular fitness and wellness tips!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

You're invited to a Mini- DeskFit Workshop on Bainbridge Island! Follow this link to see the public Facebook invite

NEW! DeskFit Workshop   Thursday, May 10 at Officexpats in the Pavilion 11:30-12:30
Feel Crummy?  Are Your Everyday Aches and Pains Taking Over?

Stiff neck, aching back, sore shoulders…it’s not just stress or a lousy mattress, it’s our daily posture that creates body problems.  iPods, Smartphones, computers, cars---all of these wreak havoc on your physical well-being, reducing range of motion, leaving you stiff, sore and prone to bigger health problems.

Learn to Move Your Body Better!

Join Dani Hemmat, of Restore Your Core Fitness, in a short Officexpats workshop made for anyone who uses computers, sits during the day, loves their Smartphone, can’t go anywhere without their iPad, or drives a car.

Our bodies were not made to live in the forward-oriented world we’ve created for ourselves. Learn exercises & stretches you can do at your desk or in your car. Explore new postures while you learn to use your favorite tech toys in a kinetically healthier way. Gain more of an understanding of your muscles and fascia and why you need to start paying attention to them—before it’s too late.  $5 payable to Officexpats. RSVP to or 849.0606.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 + IslandHoopfit = Love

Hold on to your hoop! You're reading a post from one of's new contributors! That's right---I'll be a regular contributor for everyone's favorite hoop site. Created by Philo Hagen, a Seattle boy who hoops it up in L.A. now, is THE site for hoopers and wanna-be hoopers to gather, exchange info, and feel connected to the greater hoop community. If you're looking for tips, uplifting stories, or insight into the circle that is world hooping, then roll your hips over to and share the love.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Give it a Whirl! Free Hula Hoop Fitness Classes in August and Parks & Rec Classes for Fall!

Your kids can play at the playground or hoop it up with you at Battlepoint Park!
Fall will be on it's way, why be a cliche'? Don't wait until New Year's to get into shape---start now! Come to Battlepoint Park this Friday, August 12 from 10-11 by the Kids Up! Play structure and learn how to hula hoop with Island HoopFit! Hooping gives you a terrific workout that can make you feel young, free and joyful, while whittling your waist and giving you a cardio boost! Check out these articles about the benefits of hooping from the American Council of Exercise You can bring your own hoop or use an Island HoopFit hoop--hope to see you there! Free classes will also be August 19 & 26.

Then, you can eagerly await your Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Rec Catalog, because when it comes, you can sign up for Hoop Fitness Classes on Wednesday mornings, whirling yourself into shape BEFORE January 1st! Questions? Email or call Dani at 849.0606.

Hoops, Health and Happiness,
Dani Hemmat
HoopMistress, Island HoopFit

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Island HoopFit's Happy Hoopmistress Hearts Inside Bainbridge

You gotta love the peeps at Inside Bainbridge---they give us such great, up-to-date info on our rock and beyond, and now they covered little ol' me! Power to the Hoopers! Check out their site---you'll be happy you did!And don't forget our free August classes--if it's not raining, then we're hooping!

Friday, July 29, 2011

You Can Hoop it with a Fox, You Can Hoop it in a Box!

Bet I was the first Hooper EVER in that neck of the woods!
Hooping here, hooping there, you can hoop most anywhere! I do! I bring my travel hoop along and hoop my buns off in the most lovely, yet unlikely places. The beaches of Kihei, the Grand Mayan in Mexico, and now I can add Sage Creek in the Pryor Mountains in Southeastern Montana. On a small bridge over tiny, recently flooded Sage Creek, I hooped amid swarming bugs and the sweet smell of sage. The clean mountain air added yet another dimension to a sport/activity/hobby/bliss that I believe you can enjoy anywhere in your life, your whole life long. Want to buy a great travel hoop? Well, since Island HoopFit only makes whole hoops, you'll have to buy your collapsible hoop from Gaiam. And if you're ready for your own home hoop so you can get down on a train or in the rain, well, email me. We'll get you whirling in a custom-made Island HoopFit hoop!