Thursday, August 11, 2011

Give it a Whirl! Free Hula Hoop Fitness Classes in August and Parks & Rec Classes for Fall!

Your kids can play at the playground or hoop it up with you at Battlepoint Park!
Fall will be on it's way, why be a cliche'? Don't wait until New Year's to get into shape---start now! Come to Battlepoint Park this Friday, August 12 from 10-11 by the Kids Up! Play structure and learn how to hula hoop with Island HoopFit! Hooping gives you a terrific workout that can make you feel young, free and joyful, while whittling your waist and giving you a cardio boost! Check out these articles about the benefits of hooping from the American Council of Exercise You can bring your own hoop or use an Island HoopFit hoop--hope to see you there! Free classes will also be August 19 & 26.

Then, you can eagerly await your Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Rec Catalog, because when it comes, you can sign up for Hoop Fitness Classes on Wednesday mornings, whirling yourself into shape BEFORE January 1st! Questions? Email or call Dani at 849.0606.

Hoops, Health and Happiness,
Dani Hemmat
HoopMistress, Island HoopFit

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