Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Hoops!


Imagine waking up on Christmas morning, shuffling downstairs in your foot pajamas, and spying something round, graceful and rather large leaned up against the Christmas tree. What's that? Why, it's your very own hula hoop, custom-made from Island HoopFit. Somebody loved you enough to realize that you wanted, nay---needed this hoop. It's all yours, made especially for you in colors that make your heart sing and your hips wiggle. And if they didn't know you wanted one, well, buy one for yourself and put it under the tree. Who says Santa can't shake it, too?

Custom Hula Hoops from Island HoopFit, made on Bainbridge, make a unique, thoughtful and affordable gift for the loved ones in your life. From $20-35 dollars, they last for YEARS, look great, and promise the recipient fun and fitness and feeling good! Order now to get in time for Christmas. 206.849.0606 or email dani@restoreyourcorefitness.com. Each hoop comes with a coupon for a free class with Island HoopFit.

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